The Next big idea

Driverless cars? Meh. Here's a self-driving cube for the future.

next cars

If this “car” is real and is actually brought to life in 2020, we’ll be the first to raise our hands if they put out a call for test dummies to take it for the first spin.

Next, a San Francisco startup, is hoping to develop its own take on the driverless car. But instead of making it look like a boxy beast with four doors, a hood and a trunk, the company is looking at creating moving cubes that act more like a combination of private and public transportation. That’s because they can connect mid-transport and create a long chain of driverless cubes, each the size of a small room, which you can stand in and even move from one to another. We cannot even begin to describe how excited we are for inventions like this to become viable for production.