Pretty peaceful places

Need a space to get away from life for an hour? Meet Breather.



Sometimes I stare at pictures of perfectly decorated rooms in a magazine and I imagine jumping into the pages and magically arriving in these drool-worthy spaces. And now that Breather exists, I find myself doing that even more, but now I can actually look forward to being in those spaces (hopefully the site will arrive in Toronto soon, as it’s quickly moving through big U.S. cities and already has listings in Montreal). The new home-sharing app is sort of like Airbnb, except that you can rent a person’s home or work space by the hour (no funny business now, we know what some of you are thinking). You can use the peaceful, practical rooms to meet, relax or work for rates around $10 to $30. Why would I use this service? Why, to get decorating tips, of course.

Via Apartment Therapy