Experience your gifts

Diamond turns clients' shirts into pillows and banners into bags.

We’re big fans of recycling, so much so that we would go through the rubbish to throw incorrectly discarded pizza boxes in the recycling bin. So to say this holiday initiative by Diamond Marketing makes us warm inside is an understatement. For this year’s gift to clients, the agency took their trash and turned it into treasure.

Each year, hundreds of marketing activations take place, with a whole heap of posters, signs and boards just piling up in warehouses and collecting dust. Instead of discarding them the traditional way, Diamond decided to turn the work they¬†“no longer need into something that somebody does” by recycling each piece of out-of-date print ads to paper, each old banner into a bag, and leftover t-shirts into pillow cases. In the end, the agency managed to created more than 100 bags of upcycled gifts for charities in Canada. Watch the video below to see the making of each item.