Mitsubishi is on fire

John St. shows off wipers that cut through snow (and everything else).


You might not realize just how important it is to have something like heated wipers on your car until the morning after that first snowfall, when you spend several minutes, without gloves, digging your regular wipers out of the snow, only to turn them on and find that they’re still encased in ice, weakly scratching across the glass (we might have had a bit of a rough morning yesterday).

In these ads appearing in the Quebec market and created by John St.’s Montreal office, the heated wipers on the new 2016 Outlander, perfect for Canadian winters, get their time to shine. Not only can they melt ice and snow, they can cut through every annoying thing that finds its way under your wipers, from menus to flyers to parking tickets (whoops), no matter what time of year it is.





Brand: Mitsubishi Motors
Agency: John St.
Creative Director: Angus Tucker, Stephen Jurisic, Niall Kelly
Associate Creative Director: Sébastien Lafaye, Cedric Audet
Account Service: Mylène Savoie, Natasha Nicol, Tamara Staines, Leah Lanza
Photography: Alain Desjean, Rodeo
Retouching: Claude Lafrance
Media: MDG
Client: Peter Renz