Travel that makes you feel like a moose on a zamboni

ZGM shows just how Canadian the Edmonton Freezeway is.


The Edmonton Freezeway, first conceptualized by urban architect Matt Gibbs as part of his master’s thesis in 2013, is a collaborative project between the City of Edmonton’s Winter City initiative, Make Something Edmonton and the Edmonton Speed Skating Association that allows people to strap on their skates and glide to anywhere they want along the Edmonton River Valley. This year, a 400 metres pilot version of the project has been launched, with the possibility of it growing as long as 3.5 km in the future.

You might be thinking that’s the most Canadian way to commute you’ve ever heard, and you wouldn’t be the only one. In fact, ZGM Marketing’s office in Edmonton heard people saying that very thing and ran with the idea. These images show what might have previously been most Canadian form of travel, from a moose driving a Zamboni to a goose on a Ski-Doo to a saddled-up beaver. Initially just a way for designers at the agency to show off what they can do with Photoshop and some free time, the City of Edmonton took notice as the images were shared, and turned them into posters at a nearby skating pavilion to encourage people to try out the Freezeway.





Brand: Edmonton Freezeway
Agency: ZGM