Keeping everyone warm

HWBP launches an initiative to help homeless pets.

About 500 of the homeless people in Toronto alone are living on the streets with some kind of pet, and that’s something that (sadly) gets forgotten by many initiatives and organizations looking to support those living on the streets.

Higgins Would Be Proud (HWBP) is a clothing company for both humans and animals that is well-versed in supporting charitable causes, as 10% of all its proceeds go to ElderDog, a non-profit that supports aging pets. This winter it’s adding another charitable layer to its business, as for every sweater purchased, it will donate one to Fred Victor, the only shelter in Toronto that also provides services for pets.

HWPB co-founder Ben Egnal is also a freelance art director, and he enlisted a team of creatives to get a head start on their mission, delivering warm clothing to Toronto’s homeless that kept their furry friends in mind.


Brand: Higgins Would Be Proud/Fred Victor
Art Director: Ben Egnal
Copywriter: Taylor Evans
Photographer: Pierrette Masimango
Director / Editor: Spencer Shiffman
Music: Duncan Davies
Sound Mix: Matthew Smalley
Colorist: Alanna Humphreys
Special Thanks: Jane Garrah