Tiny ecosystems you can eat

Edible terrariums. What will they think of next?


Terrariums have been trendy for quite some time now, but they’re starting to take different shapes and form these days (for example, you can now purchase a terrarium necklace¬†— which is totally¬†adorbs). However, there’s none better than the edible plant holder.

Heather Baird recently wrote a post on the Etsy blog¬†detailing how anyone can make one of these puppies with only a handful of candy chocolate rocks, cupcakes and make-it-yourself candy clay. Oh, and you should also be very dexterous (the small jar opening needs a set of hands that aren’t afraid to move slowly, and precisely). While we love this crafty project, we already know the dessert would just end up sitting on our shelf, camouflaged with the dozens of other living terrariums in our place (until it starts to mold and guests start to take notice, of course).