Always look professional with the Slacker Stick

KBS makes sure you're always on, even when you're not.


Working in the marketing business can be tough, especially when the need to be “always on” can lead to emergency meetings and video conferences at any time. Thankfully, KBS Canada has come up with a solution to make sure you always look like a professional, even when you’ve ducked out to relax at a bar or in your jacuzzi. Meet the Slacker Stick.

What looks like nothing more than on nondescript golf umbrella folds out into a backdrop simulating a super productive looking white board, the perfect thing to help you look your best as you video conference using a selfie stick-style phone mount on the handle.

KBS has begun sending it to clients to “make them look good,” according to the pamphlet that came with it.¬†And, of course, we couldn’t resist trying it out ourselves.