Trend alert: rainbow foods

Apparently we're living in the age of unicorns and the double-rainbow guy, with pizza, coffee and cheese getting a colour treatment.

rainbow food 1

What’s with all the colour, people?

If you’ve been scrolling your Facebook feed too fast this past week/month, then you’ve likely missed the hordes of rainbow-themed food that’s become a popular item to share. The most exciting one we’ve seen, and been absolutely mesmerised by, is the looping video of rainbow coffee foam. Watch here, and enjoy losing your entire morning in the loop. And if that’s not enough for you, check out the multicoloured and multi flavoured grilled cheese sandwich at Hong Kong’s Kala Toast (think a mouthful of flavours like basil, tomato, lavender and, well, cheese), and then go home and make yourself a rainbow pizza like the one below (which is also likely a good deterrent for others who may want to bite into your pizza pie, because, honestly, it looks a lot less appetizing than it probably tastes – it’s just food colouring).

coffee rainbow