Do you know the way to Peckerpinch?

The Hive promotes a film about an orgy in small town Canada with a highly suggestive card game.


If you’ve ever been on a road trip and driven past the sign for Dildo, Newfoundland, you know that some of Canada’s rural towns have pretty suggestive names. And now, in “Small Town or Sex Act,” you can put just how well you know your geography terms from your Urban Dictionary entries to the test.

The game gives you a word or phrase (such as “Peckerpinch,” “Jackhead” or “Meat Cove”) and asks you guess whether it is the name of a small town somewhere in Canada, a term for something sexual, or, in some cases, both. Flip the card over, and you’ll either be told where exactly the small town is or given a highly graphic description of what the sex act is (complete with an example of how it might be used in a sentence).

The game, created by The Hive, is promoting the VOD release of Canadian filmmaker Jeremy Lalonde’s film How To Plan an Orgy in a Small Town. The movie is about a sex columnist who returns to her conservative small town where, as a teenager, she was humiliated after trying to lose her virginity. In an act of revenge, she helps the same people who ridiculed her to plan an orgy.

The game is being distributed to social influencers and will be handed out at various events during Pride in Toronto. If you aren’t lucky enough to receive a physical version of the game, you can play a condensed version in the form of a Buzzfeed quiz, or keep an eye out for film posters that have popped up around Toronto and play off the same concept.




Brand: How To Plan an Orgy in a Small Town (Raven Banner Entertainment)
Agency: The Hive