Classy prophylactics

McKim makes stylish scarves and belts with condom-inspired prints for the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.

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The friendly condom does so much for us, but ask someone if they carry one with them and they’ll likely react with embarassment. But what if they were something people were proud to show off?

Working with Winnipeg agency McKim Communications, the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority has launched these posters in transit shelters, malls and on university campuses across Winnipeg (as well as online). They reimagine condoms as stylish scarves and belts that would compliment any summer look.

The campaign not only targets people under 21, an age group that is currently experiencing a rise in STI rates, but specifically young women, to show that decisions when it comes to safe sex are an equal partnership. And if they’ve convinced you that a bunch of condoms is this season’s must-have accessory, they’ve also set up a microsite where people of all ages can find a clinic close to them that will provide condoms, free of charge.

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Brand: Winnipeg Regional Health Authority
Agency: McKim Communications