Coming to a consensus

Leo Burnett sits down with some organs so that YP Dine can finally get them to agree on where to eat.

Yellow Pages recently updated and overhauled its YP Dine app, which lets users browse restaurant reviews and recommendations, find spots that are close, make a reservation or order delivery.┬áSince YP Dine is all about bringing the functionality of multiple apps together, a new video for the app by Leo Burnett shows how your body’s big decision-makers can come together with its help.

The spot mimics a standard living room mockumentary-style interview, with all of the organs that make the decisions about where, and what, and how a person eats all sitting on the couch and talking about how they don’t agree (since they all have different priorities, of course). The heart wants to go to its favourite restaurant, the brain takes her time considering all the options and the stomach is just interested in getting to what’s close by, and fast. What they do agree on is YP Dine, which has features that appeal to all of them.

The broader campaign features digital banners, social promo and pre-roll video, as well as shorter, 15-second versions featuring each of the organs talking about an app feature that appeals to them.


Brand: YP Dine (Yellow Pages)
Agency: Leo Burnett

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