Dino was here

Is that a man in a dinosaur onesie smoking a cigar with Rihanna and tattooing David Beckham's back?


It’s one thing to Photoshop yourself into photos of A-List celebrities – or even just recreate them – and post them to Instagram (as comedians Ellen Degeneres, Celeste Barber and Kirby Jenner have bee doing for some time now). It’s another thing to do it while donning a dinosaur onesie.

That’s this guy’s schtick: actor and model Lorenz Valentino has been taking insta-bombing one step further by adding a ridiculous “dino” character to the mix, posing in photos with the likes of David Beckham, Jennifer Lopez and Adelle. Every single one of his masterpieces are so well put together, it almost looks as though he was actually there, shaving Posh Spice’s legs while she plays with her fingers on the living room couch. Browse through highlights from the collection of tweaked images below.

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