A mural to beat all other murals

This thing is a beast. It will stand eight stories tall and its birth is being live-streamed to your home.


Toronto just got a little more interesting. One of the world’s best-known street artists has stopped by for the week and he’s painting the town black and white. Specifically, the Yonge and St. Clair part of town. His name is Phlegm and he’s known for his quirky cartoon characters that can be found on once-vacant street walls in England (where he is from).

This week he’s painting one of the largest murals in TO, standing at eight stories tall at a building on the corner of the two streets, as part of a commissioned job by STEPS, an organization that uses public art to transform neighbourhoods. And if the sheer size of it isn’t awesome enough, they’re also live-streaming his progress (which is just making us want to visit the area in person to see the intricate details in person). If you haven’t seen Phlegm’s work before, take a look at the video below and have your socks knocked off with the detail he creates using a can of spray paint (that’s right, a can of spray paint). And here’s more of his work on Pinterest.