Smash like a supervillain

Warner Bros. set up a Suicide Squad-inspired Rage Room in Toronto where you can let out your inner bad guy.

Warner Bros. Canada’s latest film, Suicide Squad, is inspired by the comic book of the same name, based on a bunch of super villains recruited by the government to do a dangerous mission that it doesn’t want to ask the good guys to dirty their hands with, and who proceed to leave a trail of destruction in their path.

At Battle Sports in Toronto, among the archery range and Nerf gun battles, you can also rent out a “Rage Room,” where you (and a friend, if you want) can go in and destroy whatever might be inside, be it for anger management or just because it sounds really, really fun.

How are the two related? Well, in the Fermenting Room event venue in the city’s Distillery District, Battle Sports has helped Warner Bros re-create the Belle Reve prison from the film, complete with props and interactive versions of the characters’ cells. What makes the cells “interactive,” as you may have guess based on Battle Sports’ involvement, is that you are free to enter, wearing safety gear and wielding weapons inspired by costumes from the movie, before smashing everything to smithereens.

Check out a videos from the pop-up’s first night yesterday (you can check out more by following #bellereveto on social media) and head down there before 9 p.m. tonight if you’d like to give it a try yourself.