Who needs a roof and walls anyway?

This hotel room is, um, without a room. But at least it's in the middle of the Alps.


Remember when hotels used to simply be a place to lay your head while you experience the city or town (or wherever) around you? Well, it seems some like to think of lodging as an experience in itself.

At least that’s the impression the Null Stern Hotel is giving us. Just look at the photos and you’ll see why: it’s a hotel room that’s not even a room, as it stands in the open, without a ceiling or any walls. There’s just a bed and frame, crisp white sheets, a stone floor – oh, and a butler.

The room costs a cool 250 Swiss Francs (or CAN $338) and includes breakfast, with a pretty spectacular view for avid ‘grammers. That’s because it’s located in the middle of the Alps, with the mountain-scape and grassy hills surrounding the “room,” because who would want to be caged in a room anyways? Unless, as AdWeek points out, it rains. Then there might be a problem.

Think no one in their right mind would be interested in spending an arm and a leg for, basically, a night of ostentatious glamping? Well, you’d be wrong. The entire 2016 season is sold out. And there’s a waiting list for next year (which is strangely feeding into our FOMO and making us want to book now).

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