Dump Trump tie, Capt. Khan edition

Vassi Menswear releases its second themed tie during another crazy week in the presidential race.


For those who have been glued to their TVs, watching the party conventions south of the border and their bizarre, seemingly endless fallout, Toronto’s Vassi Menswear is offering a subtle way to show you’re appalled.

The Bay Street clothier released a new edition of its Dump Trump tie, inspired by the Republican nominee’s ongoing feud with the family of slain Gold Star Capt. Humayun Khan. The parents of Capt. Khan, a Muslim U.S. soldier who died in Iraq, spoke at the Democratic National Convention last week and were critical of Trump’s characterization of the Muslim faith.

The new tie has a gold star pattern, a tribute to Capt. Khan. The reverse is striped, with the message “Dump Trump.”

“We started the ‘Dump Trump’ tie campaign based on customer demand and to have a little fun with the presidential process,” said owner Andre Vassi in a release. “But this has surpassed the issue of politics and turned into the much greater issue of character. Many Canadians, myself included, were deeply disappointed by Trump’s comments and I think it’s important to send the Khans a message that Canadians stand behind them, regardless of personal politics.”

All profits from the $100 ties will go to an anti-bullying charity of the Khan family’s choice. They go on sale Aug. 10 at the Toronto store and can be ordered online.