A pillow that puts all others to shame

Finally, a smart cushion that can help stop a snorer from sawing logs in bed.

Sleep is a necessity. Since the beginning of time, we’ve needed it to survive, but today it’s become something humans want to perfect. Snoring can be an annoyance, insomnia can be a health issue, as can erratic sleep patterns. But now there’s a pillow that can apparently fix all of those problems.

ZEEQ is a smart pillow that “plays your music, monitors and reacts to your snoring, analyzes your sleep and intelligently wakes you up.” What more could you ask for in something you spend up to a third of your day with?

The smart pillow is just a prototype, for now. Its creators are raising funds (via Kickstarter, already surpassing the goal of $50,000 to so far generate nearly $285,000, with 17 more days to go) in order to get the ball rolling on mass production. Basically all you need to know about this gem of a sleep companion is that you can listen to music without waking up a partner, rid yourself of snoring tendencies (the pillow vibrates when it detects any sawing of wood), and track every movement you make in bed.