Pre-Turkey hunger pangs

Good Shepherd’s campaign wants you to skip a lunch so someone else can eat this Thanksgiving.

Most of us associate Thanksgiving with the noises the stomach makes post-Turkey, gravy, stuffing, pie, etc. Good Shepherd has a different idea this year.

The charity dedicated to helping Toronto’s homeless has a new fundraising campaign ahead of next week’s holiday focused on belly-rumbling, but the kind that comes from hunger. Before most of us head off for weekend feasts with family, Good Shepherd wants us to skip a meal – lunch on Friday, Oct. 7 – and donate what we would have spent on food. It’s called the Fast Turkey Challenge and it’s driven by social media, encouraging those who forego the meal to post about it and encourage two friends to do the same.

Toronto agency Blackjet is behind the campaign, which is supported by social video, PR and influencer outreach.