It’s in the blood for Oilers fans

The team means business this season, and so does this opening video.

oilers 3

Don’t tell Edmonton Oilers fans that hockey is just a game, and definitely don’t tell them this is just another season.

The city that hasn’t hoisted Lord Stanley’s Cup since 1990 has a lot to be excited about this year. So the franchise can be forgiven for what some might consider the occasionally hyperbolic tone of its opening video, which features fans as clannish warriors and the game as “modern mythology playing out in real time,” capable of “unmasking life’s great mystery, what it means to be human.”

But then it’s not every team that has Connor McDavid. The video, directed by Michael Maxxis, opens with the 19-year-old phenom earnestly shooting pucks in an Edmonton playground at dawn, “IT’S IN THE BLOOD!!!” written in graffiti on the boards behind.

It’s not as if the team isn’t living up to the hype, though. One month into the season, the Oilers sit atop the Pacific Division standings, and McDavid leads the league in points.


Advertiser: Edmonton Oilers
Director: Michael Maxxis
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