Now you can stop killing all your plants

Dutch designer Sander Lorier created a self-watering planter.
Natural balance

With the automation of everything and the internet of things, you’d think people would have stopped killing their plants by now. There are probably countless devices on the market to solve this surprisingly common problem but few are as elegant as The Natural Balance, Dutch designer Sander Lorier’s self-watering planter. It’s certainly more attractive than stuffing one end of an old rag into a bucket of water, the other end into the plant’s soil.

The hand-made ceramic pot has a corked spout on its side, which can be removed to fill the reservoir with up to three cups of water. This gradually seeps into an earthenware partition that allows the plant to drink as required. The name is inspired by the way the planter tips back when the reservoir is empty.

The Natural Balance is raising funds on Kickstarter and could be ready for April shipments.

Via Fastco Design

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