Can my robot make you a drink?

This touchscreen mixologist will make you custom cocktails in a jiffy.

screen shot 2016-12-05 at 9.54.06 pm

Agency execs and marketers have one thing in common – every year they have more to do and less time to get it all done.

Despite new solutions that do everything at click-speed (how did we all manage pre-Ritual?), in 2017 more milliseconds need shaving from routines.

So, for all bosses out there with productivity targets to hit, may we suggest The Robotic Bartender. For a mere $25,000 you can install this touchscreen mixologist to dispense custom cocktails at the touch of a button. From an ROI POV, it’s a steal – it simultaneously saves time and boosts creativity while relieving some of that time-crunch stress. It’s not quite as handy as the Star Trek Replicator, but there’s also a place to store snacks (if lemon twists qualify). There’s also a sleeker, one-less-zero-in-the-price-tag model from Monsieur, and there’s an app with that.

For a stocking stuffer/secret Santa-level spend, this pairs well with the $30 Star Trek Transporter Pad coaster sets. They play materialization (and alarmingly, dematerialization) sound effects as they glow. Curiously, the ThinkGeek site recommends this for office pets:  “Also great for hamsters (fitted with earplugs),” while Hammacher Schlemmer provided no rodent safety protocols for its robot bar.

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