A life defined by beeps

Interac Flash makes a case for all the dings (including its own) that keep people moving forward.

Beyond the screams of a young mum giving birth, and the doctors and nurses speaking in medical jargon as they help the newborn enter this world, another sound that makes its way into a child’s ear is the “beep” of heartbeat-tracking machines.

It’s the first of many times a person will hear the medium-pitch sound.

Throughout one’s life, a series of beeps will occur. In fact, “as we grow older, our lives become defined by beeps,” says the voiceover in the spot by Interac that encapsulates a life of little noises.

From the sound of the house fire alarm setting off after burning the toast to the ding of a car door opening after a first date, the beeps are like a symphony, the brand goes on to say. But, between all of these little notes, it’s the transactional beep of Interac Flash cards that “keeps you moving onto all of life’s other beeps.”