A truly fun(gus) campaign

When it comes to fungus, don't bury your head in the sand. Bury it in your feet.

Very few people want to spend that much time looking at, touching or talking about their own feet. We’ll admit that.

But ignoring problems with your feet, toes and toenails doesn’t make the problem go away. What better way to demonstrate that than an ad where people are literally putting feet in their face?

Go ahead, take it in.

NailFungus.ca tapped Montreal agency Alfred for the creative, which shows just how in-your-face a problem like fungus can be. Okay, no one wants feet that close to their face, but just covering up a toe fungus with a sock and/or shoe isn’t the answer either.

3_nailfungus_woman_green 2_nailfungus_man 1_nailfungus_woman_purple


Client: NailFungus.ca
Agency: Alfred
Creative director: Jean-Francois Bernier
Art directors: Nicolas Rivard, Michael Grenier
Copywriters: Guillaume Denault, Louise-Thomas Pelletier, Martin Charron, Jonathan Rosman
Photographer: Alain Desjean