Campaign schools Manitoba on engineering inequality

"Dear 2030" draws attention to the fact that women make up a low number of newly licensed engineers in the province.

Engineers are, by nature, problem-solvers. But what happens when the whole field of engineering has a big problem? Perhaps the next generation can fix it. Canadian organization Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba is getting the ball rolling.

According to the awareness campaign by agency Juliet, “Dear 2030,” women only make up 21% of newly licensed engineers in the province of Manitoba – something students in the province are eager to see change.

The campaign features some of Manitoba’s female middle and high school students who plan to be in the field by 2030.

Signing petitions addressed to some of the country’s largest engineering companies from Stantec and Boeing and Hatch and Manitoba Hydro, the students aren’t even asking for that much: that a mere 30% of newly licensed engineers in the province of Manitoba be women by 2030.

Here at Stim, we think the companies could aim even higher, but 30% is a good start.


Client: Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba
Agency: Juliet
Chief creative officer: Ryan Spelliscy
Creative director: Laurent Abesdris
Art director: Maria Jose Arias

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