Me so unicorn-y

Because every breakfast needs a fantasy element.

You wake up, stomach growling from your no-time-to-eat, last-minute rush to file that massive RFP last night. You need power food, fuel for the brain, something to get the creative juices flowing ahead of that big client meeting you’ve been dreading all week.

So you stumble out of bed, saunter over to the fridge and reach for the questionable carton of eggs tucked behind the questionable carton of milk in the back. You quietly thank the Egg Farmers of Canada for having made weekday eggs acceptable last year, and rest the carton ever-so gently on the counter-top.

There’s only one thing that can make the experience more magical: a unicorn egg mold. Luckily, your friend is an avid reader of Stimulant, and had the wherewithal to purchase one for you for a totally affordable £10.99.

You’re welcome, world. Now when you indulge in the high-protein breakfast that is eggs, you can do so with the satisfaction that comes with chowing down on a unicorn’s big yolky-eyed face. The nifty kitchen gadget lets you place the raw eggs into mold’s beady little eye sockets, and let the unicorn work its magic.

Nothing easier, or more delicious.