Comic sensibilities

Wunderman Thompson's Mike Butler's skill with the quill is undeniable.

Mike Butler, a designer at Wunderman Thompson, has a “seriously wacked-out” sense of humour, according to at least one of his colleagues.

And his comics, while colourful and off-the-wall, “make his mother sad,” according to none other than Butler himself.

That just so happens to be the criteria for us here at Stimulant. No, really – when we evaluate Passion Projects, we check off a list whose lone two criteria are “seriously wacked-out” and “makes mothers sad.”

Perfect Sunday Comics is an original creation by Butler that doesn’t follow any particular thread, other than the widely accepted idea that life is damn strange. The comics are a little bit sexy (NSFW), a little relatable and a whole lot of ridiculousness. Some even take swipes at the agency world.

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