Hockey is for everyone (even women)

A spot for the Professional Women's Hockey Players Association brings light to the current state (or non-state) of women's hockey.
Budweiser Canada-Budweiser Canada and the Professional Women-s H

We’d notice if the good old hockey game was suddenly missing the cheers and the beers. But when women go missing, the game goes on.

Back in April, women’s hockey was dealt a painful blow when the Canadian Women’s Hockey League folded.

Naturally, in an age of female empowerment, there was uproar. The world’s best female players (200, in fact) and supporters of women’s sport sparked a social movement called #ForTheGame. They banded together and cried out for an aid. This week, Budweiser Canada answered their plea.

The brand aims to be a hero, not just of hockey, but of equal representation in sport. So today it launched an anthem spot, created by Anomaly, in partnership with the Professional Women’s Hockey Players Association (PWHPA) that brings to light the current state (or rather, non-state) of women’s hockey.

The spot is a subtly depressing, but overall uplifting, spin on Stompin’ Tom Connor’s Good Old Hockey Game anthem of yore, featuring the likes of comedian Gerry Dee, Canadian hockey legend Cassie Campbell, TV duo Don Cherry and Ron Maclean, as well as members of the PWHPA.

It’s about time the grassroots solidarity we saw on social make its way to the big leagues, with Budweiser imploring other brands in the hockey sphere to stand in solidarity and support the good old hockey game for us all (including women).