Capturing the hardship and hope of pandemic parenting

A short film by Sequioa Content director Sean Frewer focuses on the power of mindfulness and family in a challenging time.

The pandemic has been a challenging time for many people, especially for parents, who have found themselves juggling a lot of responsibilities amid lockdowns.

For single parents, that stress has been further compounded by the fact that they are on their own and have had to navigate parenting in a pandemic without assistance. That reality was one that Sean Frewer, a director at Sequoia Content, sought to capture with a short film he wrote and directed, titled “Meditations.”

The short tells the story of a single father who is momentarily overwhelmed by the responsibilities of caring for his daughter. Frewer focused on that story because he’s “always had an affinity to stories about parents and children and the power that connection has.”

“In the story, the father just needs to run away and you feel that,” he explains. “But ultimately, he realizes where he wants to be is back with his daughter again.”

Frewer says mindfulness was an important theme in the short because he was seeking to present viewers who are struggling with “not necessarily a solution, but a coping mechanism.”

“When you’re speaking about mental health, it’s important to explore the idea that there is hope out there, there is the ability to overcome and to get through,” he says. “In this story, it was about family and connection and how we tend to forget that what we have right next to us is what’s most important to us.”

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