One minute month

Leo Burnett takes us through 31 days in 60 seconds.

Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 8.55.05 PMOur suspicions have been confirmed. Ad agency shops are in equal parts work and play. And we have Leo Burnett’s Lisa Hart and Tom Kenny to thank for providing proof of our theory. The two Toronto agency stragic planners produced a video of their colleagues at work. For every two seconds, a new day at the shop is shown, resulting in a “one minute month” with creatives playing table tennis, brainstorming, fiddling with 3D printers and kicking it at a music concert before even the first week is up. We never did quite get why ad folks work long hours., but honestly, we’d be on board for an occasional all-nighter if that meant fat-suit sumo wrestling comps, beer pong, lakefront trips and football games were on the list of work perks.

Watch the video here.