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Anatomically correct toys

This artist skins playthings to reveal their innards.


Tesla hack

With this app, owners can honk at passersby while hiding behind a bush.


Shock therapy

Can’t form a habit? This wearable jolts you into a better person.

Incubator School

Incubator School

A middle school that’s trading textbooks for technology.

baseball 1

Baseball Card Vandals

Scribbles on worthless vintage memorabilia.

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Bare-chested renovators

Stone Tile guys make homes more desirable.

Like father like…

Schick Hydro urges men to seek treatment for BMD.

Macan spirit

Porsche’s short films share Canadian stories.

BBQ bartering

Montana’s pays for psychic readings and haircuts with meat.

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Optical illusion

Ford shows how easy it is to park.

A man, but better

ManServants does as the lady wishes.

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Grinder of the month

Fashion apparel entrepreneur Christine Lieu shares her goals.


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Roundup of Fools

Boston Pizza, YouTube, Fido and others prank the gullible.