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useless web

Random websites

For those days when you need pointless entertainment.


The Paternal Drunk

Cocktail concoctions for stay-at-home dads.

Jenny 5

Lettering love

A Toronto art director with a fascination for typography.

to this day

To This Day

An animated film with heart-breaking words.



Sketches of mom-and-pop corner stores in downtown Ottawa.

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Pizza game changers

Boston Pizza gets inventive with pizza pockets and beardkins.

Backyard shenanigans

The Source lets out its employee genies.

Deserving drink

Natrel gives milk some respect.

Postage portrait

Missing Children’s Network stamps its message on Toronto’s streets.

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Stuff you need to know about...

Unicorn magic

IndieJunior’s tall tale of Unicorns and ice cream.


A.S. Colour’s store window picks your best shade.

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Grinder of the month

Fashion apparel entrepreneur Christine Lieu shares her goals.


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Roundup of Fools

Boston Pizza, YouTube, Fido and others prank the gullible.