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Choc shots

We’re in love with the cocoa. But enough to snort it?

creative director douchebag

We’re not kidding

This is a semi-real device that detects creative director douchebags.

Ikea 3

Furniture-powered batteries

Ikea is ridding the world of cables, one charger at a time.


Mega Underground Bike Park

A limestone mine no more: welcome to a biker’s own version of Disney.



Forget the vinyl crates, this diary podcast does the digging for you.

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Meet McDonald’s

A new campaign showcases the people who gather under the arches.

Stone-cold nerves

Mont-Sainte-Anne and Stoneham test if you can handle the snow.

Dating duds

Downtown Halifax businesses make one aspect of dating easy.

The Indoorsmen

Making the modern male home less gross, thanks to P&G.

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Stuff you need to know about...

Better as one

Jagermeister creates massive, 56-piece wooden ads.

You cannot skip this ad

Or at least Geico is making sure you won’t want to.

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Red Lion’s roaring new rebrand

Creativity meets capitalism at this agency.


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Twitter trolls, if you don’t have something nice to tweet…