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plant music 2

The visual microphone

These guys pull sounds out of a houseplant sitting near a speaker.


Free movies galore

Can’t find that Tarantino flick you love on Netflix? Here you go.

train track 3

Sound Track

A wooden toy that builds tracks (for both music and trains).

taxi day in the life

Business as usual

The life of one random NYC taxi on a single day in 2013.


Nightingale and Canary

Beautiful abstract shapes that react to and represent sound.

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Peach shades

McDonald’s uses motion sensors to provide bus shelter relief.

Smile through the pain

Science World goes to the extreme to prove its point.

Mucho colores

The Vanity’s colourful scene.

It’s all training

You’re definitely in shape for the Scotiabank Aids Walk.

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Stuff you need to know about...

Cans = cheeseburgers

At McDonald’s in Sweden, litter is a form of currency.

You’re getting sleepy…

Ikea uses hypnosis to show customers their future.

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Grinder of the month

Fashion apparel entrepreneur Christine Lieu shares her goals.


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Roundup of Fools

Boston Pizza, YouTube, Fido and others prank the gullible.