A genius (somewhat humiliating) pillow

The Ostrich pillow is a bit of a game-changer.


What’s more embarrassing than falling asleep on a stranger’s shoulder on the subway? Falling asleep in one of these.

The Ostrich pillow, by Studio Banana Things, comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they all provide an equal amount of much-needed comfort and unwanted humiliation (that’s our opinion, at least) in a variety of different positions you find yourself in outside your home. While they look odd, we cant help but think how genius the idea to envelope your head in a pillow dome is. The Original design is by far our favourite, but we’d probably start with the Light or Mini versions, at least until the brand becomes commonplace in airports and subway terminals and we’re not the only ones that look like a silly octopus head (case in point, just look at the blurry people staring at the poor guy in the product shot below.)


ostrich-pillow-light-portable-pillow-for-public-napping-designboom-02 ostrich