A new Format for better-than-you creatives

An online portfolio builder puts its special little customers up on pedestals.
Campaign Still 03

“Look to the person to the left of you. Look to the person to your right. You’re better than them.”

Thus begins a tongue-in-cheek take on the aloofness of creatives for Format, an online portfolio builder that’s promoting an upgrade to its site and the introduction of an equally tongue-in-cheek chat bot that offers creative diagnosis.

The vid takes a swing at that scarf-and-beret-wearing, latte-sipping, indignant connoisseur stereotype that’s been around for decades and just won’t die. There may also be a knowing wink towards millennials’ perceived “specialness” here. Maybe some of that is earned though, so this spot is equal parts self-parody and self-defence.

Disclaimer: creatives are not scientifically proven to be better at hostage negotiation. Please plan accordingly.

CC: Marshall Lorenzo
Production: Nimble Content , Holiday Films
Executive producer: Andrew Lynch
Director: Brett Blackwell
Post-Production: Nimble Content