Cereal squared

Squares are diamonds' best friends.


advertiser: Jennifer Hutchinson, Mangala D’Sa, Margaret Wong, Kraft Canada
agency: Ogilvy & Mather
CDs: Nancy Vonk, Janet Kestin
ADs: Tim Piper, Ivan Pols
writers: Tim Piper, Hunter Somerville
account director: Kristi Karens
account manager: Hana Reznikov
management supervisor: Anabella Mandel
agency producer: Brenda Surminksi
director: Tim Piper
post production: School Editing
editor: Mark Paiva
assistant editor: Stephen Sora
online editor: Paul Binney
music company: Dream-Artists
composer: Matthew Kajaienski
actor: John Boylan

After the unveiling of the new Diamond Shreddies, people had mixed reactions about the replacement of their square counterparts. So the ‘Shreddies President’ issued a statement of appeasement.