Pimp that closet

Check out the specs on that sliding drawer...


advertiser: Ikea Canada
agency: zig
executive CD: Martin Beauvais
AD: Mark Puchala
CW: Geoff Morgan
coach: Shelley Brown
planner: Mark Aronson
team leader: Lesley Rivard
project manager: Natalie Sammut
agency producer: Melanie Lambertson
assistant producer: Julia Cohen
French producer: Liliane Clune
French writer: Michel Van Houtte
producer: Shannon Barnes
executive producers: Kevin Byrne, Cindy Becker
production house: Hungry Man
director: Scott Vincent
editing house: School Editing
editor: Brian Wells
music company: Color
music director: Ray Louie
sound designer: Tonefarmer
designer: Janine Love

This spot for Ikea, care of zig, shows that these women know how to trick out a dope closet.


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