Get some face time

Harlequin gives women the chance to be a different type of cover girl.


advertiser: Harlequin
agency: Quizative
president: Adrian Capobianco
ECD: Adam Oliveira
VP strategy and insights: Allison Laux
senior experience designer: Elaine Witmer
project producer: Otto Wong
software development: Steve Castellotti
flash development: Alex Motzenbecker

To celebrate its 60th, romance publisher Harlequin teamed up with Toronto-based digital agency Quizative to launch an immersive experience for its anniversary art exhibit, The Heart of a Woman: Harelquin Cover Art 1949-2009. Women visiting the exhibit at Openhouse Gallery in Soho, New York, can put their faces on the cover of their favourite Harlequin novel using motion-navigated digital installation. They select a cover by simply gesturing with their hand and then pose as a camera captures their image, which is then placed on the cover. They can retrieve their steamy cover close-up for posterity from Harlequin’s 60th anniversary website. It definitely brings new meaning to getting into a good book.