Beer brilliance

Only great things come from beer and good decisions are one of them. Are we right, or are we right?


advertiser: Carling Beer
executive CD: Darren Clarke
associate CDs: Nathan Monteith, Stefan Wegner
ADs: Nathan Monteith, Stefan Wegner
designers: David Taylor, Nathan Monteith, Michael Siegers
writers: Jono Holmes, Stefan Wegner
agency producers: Kevin Saffer,Jennifer Cursio
prodco: TAXI
directors: Nathan Monteith, Stefan Wegner
cinematographer: John V Lindsay
editor: Josh Ingleby
video post facility/editing company: TAXI
compositor/online: Josh Ingleby
music producers/sound design: Tyler Strahl, Lyle Crilly
account director: Charlie Clark
account manager: Christian Parsons
agency planner: Adam Collins

This spot is part of a campaign for Carling Beer, developed by Taxi, that focuses on great beer decisions. It’s based on the thinking that when Thomas Carling first invented an affordable and great-tasting beer in 1840, that was the first ever officially recognized beer decision. In this particular commercial, this gent has cemented his hands so that they are perpectually giving the thumbs up. Unfortunately, it’s left him in a bit of a spot when it comes to enjoying a nice, cool, refreshing beer. Determined to soak in some suds, he makes a great beer decison of his own. Sigh. Beer. Is there anything it can’t do?


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