The YMCA thinks we've lost something. It's time to take it back.


advertiser: YMCA
agency: TBWA Vancouver
CD: Paul Little
copywriter: Mia Thomsett
AD: John Williamson
agency producers: Catharine Chesterman, Jen Mete
director: Isaac King
prodco: Head Gear Animation, Toronto
producer: Kathryn Rawson
sound design: Wave Productions, Vancouver
music: Apollo Studios

This spot for the YMCA by TBWAVancouver raises some interesting questions about the state of community in this day and age. Why do we have more friends on Facebook than we do in reality? Why do we prefer iPods to conversation? As connected as we have become thanks to the internet, the YMCA thinks that maybe we should start to look at how disconnected we’ve become in the real world. As cool as World of Warcraft might be, we’re pretty sure that the real world is a whole lot better.


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