Sleeman Unibroue puts a cork in it.


advertiser: Sleeman Unibroue
client services: Nodjame Fouad, Marie-Josée Beauchamp
creative: Hugues Choquette, Paul Derome, Michèle Petitclerc
print production: Michelle Turbide
graphic design: Marie-Hélène Cimon
3D production: Trans-Optique
media: Carat

To help Sleeman Unibroue promote its new high-end Blonde de Chambly beer, Tam-Tam/TBWA turned a mega-column into a mega beer bottle by putting a giant cork and a muselet on top of it. Located just outside the 2010 Mondial de la bière, an international beer festival in Montreal, it invites beer drinkers to visit the event for a taste. Sounds like an offer we couldn’t refuse.