The Steakhouse

BK knows a good burger is built on solid foundations. Like steak and bacon.


advertiser: Burger King
agency: Taxi 2
executive CD: Lance Martin
AD: Craig Ferguson
writer: Steven Barr
agency producer: Aggie Brook
prodco: Steam Films
director: Benji Weinstein
prodco producer: Andrew Graham
executive producer: Krista Marshall
cinematographer: Pablo Berron Palacios
editor: Ryan Hunt
video post facility/editing company: School Editing
compositor/online: Paul Binney/Jay Field
colourist/transfer: Notch – Billy Ferwerda
audio post facility/ music house: RMW
music producer/sound design: Tyson Kuteyi
casting: Powerhouse – Andrew Hayes
account director: Patrick O’Donovan
account manager: Daniel Langer-Hack
media agency: Initiative
media agency planner: Jeremy Graham

Despite the fact that the two people in this ad by Taxi 2 enjoying Burger King’s Steakhouse XT burger are clearly made for each other, we can’t help but feel slightly weirded out by them. One thing’s for sure, we’re not weirded out by BK’s Steakhouse burger. It looks quite tasty.