Eye for the hunt

Dick Cheney should've probably gone to Richmond Optometry. 


advertiser: Richmond Optometry
agency: Red Urban Canada
CD: Christina Yu
ADs: Joel Pylypiw, John Thai
copywriters: Jon Murray, Adam Bailey
producer: David Isaac
prodco: Untitled Films
director: Wendy Morgan
executive producers: James Davis, Lexy Kavluk
producer: Tom Evelyn
DOP: Brendan Steacy
editorial: Rooster Post Production
editor: Chris Parkins
assistant editor: Evan Salusbury
Rooster executive producer: Melissa Kahn
telecine: Notch
colourist: Gary Chuntz
post production: Track & Field
flame artist: Andrew Rolfe
music/sound house: Pirate
music/sound director: Stephanie Pigott

This spot by Red Urban in Toronto for Richmond Optometry shows that it can be a bit dangerous walking around without perfect vision. Sometimes things just aren’t as they appear to be. And when we say dangerous, we don’t necessarily mean for you. Just ask Dick Cheney.