Baby stories

The Vancouver Aquarium's baby stories aren't what you think.

The Vancouver Aquarium is presenting a new limited-time feature: “Babies.” It’s not what you think. It’s actually an assortment of baby stories unlike any other – tales of anything-but-normal means of reproduction and rearing. To promote this unusual exhibition, Taxi Vancouver created a series of fictitious children’s audio books with unexpected titles. The TV ad above shows you one: “Daddy is Pregnant again.” The print ads below show you some more and include a QR code that links to the audio book when scanned. Kind of makes you glad to be human, no? Oh and in keeping with the unusual nature of everything involved with this ad campaign, it includes a urinal stunt where pregnancy tests are attached to them and display a “positive” result when peed on. Again, thank goodness we’re human.


advertiser: Vancouver Aquarium
agency: Taxi Vancouver