Metro newspaper is easy to share.

Some things are easier to share than others: a cat video is easy to spread around, a Speedo is not. A Metro newspaper is – according to the company’s new transit ads – super easy to share (it even ranked above cat videos!). In an attempt to increase readership without having more papers printed, the campaign focuses on sharing and not depriving others of the opportunity to read Metro. The posters are part of the greater campaign by Rethink to promote the free daily and its revamped website. It’ll include digital ads, guerrilla stunts and OOH.












advertiser: Metro
agency: Rethink
writer: Dave Thornhill, Adam Bailey
AD: Joel Arbez
CD: Chris Staples, Ian Grais, Chris Booth
illustrator: Aaron Eiland
photographer: Philip Rostron
studio artist: Michelle Kennedy
print producer: Narine Artinian