The countdown

Corona is counting down to its favourite holiday.

No other holiday in Canada spells out our love of beer like Victoria Day. Not only is it nicknamed May 2-4 (as in a case of 24 beers), it’s usually the first long weekend Canadians can trek up to the cottage, sit on their decks and enjoy a nice cold one. It’s like Christmas – for beer. To celebrate this national holiday, Corona developed a Facebook May 2-4 advent calendar, with creative from Zulu Alpha Kilo. Each day visitors have a chance to win swag and the entire promotion will culminate in a huge outdoor patio party in Toronto and Montreal with a live “giant lime drop.” We may show up just to see how they got a real giant lime. Is it just a pumpkin painted green? Or did they genetically modify a lime to drop into a larger-than-life Corona? Our curiosity is piqued.


advertiser:  Corona Extra
agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo
ECD: Zak Mroueh
CD: Shane Ogilvie
copywriter: Erin Beaupre, Martin Stinnissen
AD: Mark Bovey, Simon Au
account service:  Dic Dickerson, Kate Torrance
digital strategy: Cory Pelletier
agency producer: David Isaac
interactive programming: Meru
motion graphics: Meru
interactive producer: Sumit Ajwani
media agency: Mec
media agency planner: David Stanton