Olive's Natoli and Snowflake's Zeremski's all-out pedal plan.

Now hold on, this Young Lion’s-winning Media campaign, for enviro group Cape Farewell is a doozy. By Marla Natoli, from Olive Media and Neven Zeremski from Snowflake Digital, this media pitch equips 1,000 bikes with RFID chips to track people’s usage. People register for the free bikes over Twitter. Once linked, the bike will Tweet from your account with updates. We assume about things like how much carbon you’re saving or your distance travelled – but it’s not made clear. (For all we know the bike could be Tweeting melodramatic posts about love, loss and that bird it passed on the street. If that’s the case, then we should be afraid – very afraid – of these sentient bikes.) A website and app then track how much carbon people saved by taking the bikes, all fed into digital ads in real time. But wait, there’s more: artist-decorated newspaper boxes will act as RFID checkpoints (we don’t know what that means), which will also help drive PR. Finally, stationary bikes (like in the gym) act as charging stations for your phone. The catch, you have to do the pedaling yourself to get the electronic boost. Talk about pedal power.

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