Milking moments

The Strategic Milk Alliance gets sentimental.

Remember that time you stuck your tongue to the frozen pole and burned off all your taste buds for a month? We do…and it was painful. But in hindsight, hilariously childish, which is exactly what the new spot for the Strategic Milk Alliance and DDB were going for. Channel your inner child and remember what it was like to give yourself marker tattoos, marry a hamster and dance like no one (and everyone) is watching. Oh, and drink milk, the commercial says. That’s important too.


Advertiser; Strategic Milk Alliance
Agency: DDB Canada/Vancouver
Executive Creative Director: Dean Lee / Cosmo Campbell
Associate Creative Director: Neil Shapiro
Copywriter: Neil Shapiro
Art Director: John Larigakis
Agency Producer: Karen Brown
Account Team: Patty Jones, VP Client Services; Svetlana Connolly, Account Director
Strategy:  Rob Newell, Director, Strategic Planning
Social Media Strategy: Marty Yaskowich, Managing Director, Tribal Vancouver
Media Company: OMD
Production Company: Soft Citizen  (
Director: Arni Thor Jonsson
Director of Photography: Adam Richards
Line Producer: Ed Callaghan
Post-Production Company School Editing  (
Editor: Jon Devries
Online Editor: Mike Bishop
Colourist: Eric Whipp
Audio House: Apollo Studios  (
Audio House Producers & Engineers: Yan Dal Santo, Daenan Bramberger, Harry Knazan
Casting Agency: Kirsten DeWolfe