Story of I

An adoption song from the Dave Thomas Foundation.
story of i

This is the story of I, a small letter in a world where letters seem to live together in harmony. But poor I is all alone and doesn’t have a family. That is until M and F find him and they all become We. (For the record, we realize that I, M and F don’t spell “We,” but they do spell “Family” with the help of some other letters.) This video for the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption Canada by MacLaren McCann is quite adorable and catchy, and certainly makes the case for why kids need families. We’d love to see the follow-up where I gets adopted by M and M or F and F.


Advertiser: The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption Canada
Agency: MacLaren McCann
CDs: Sean Davidson, Mike Halminen
GCDs: Marc Melanson, Duncan Porter, Dave Stubbs
Producer: Sarah Michener
Client Service: Sandra Avey, Auggie Senis
Programmer: Joel Ray
Music: Grayson Matthews
Lyrics: Marc Melason, Dave Stubbs
The Ebeling Group
Director: Cadux
Illustration: Bianca Viani
Animation Assistant: Ana Carolina Antunes