Too many choices

What the hell should I watch on Netflix?

netflix moviesThe statistic are wrong. The ones that report an alarmingly high number of hours spent watching Netflix¬†—¬†it’s more like, x many hours are spent show binging, while x many hours are spent trying to friggin decide what to watch in the first place. But with enough time and awareness, this website could eventually lead to a decrease in the number of hours lost while being indecisive. The “What the hell should I watch on Netflix?” portal nicely categorizes shows and movies by genre for visitors to select (the only thing a person need decide on), and the site regurgitates a top reviewed title, along with it’s Rotten Tomatoes score. Now be careful not to get sucked into the vortex of this site. Just stick with the first movie it dishes out, the grass is perfectly green on this side.