A different f-word

Fix Auto wants to be your first words after an accident.

As this Stim writer knows from experience, car accidents are unavoidable. And after every pole that’s been backed into, a certain inappropriate word escapes your lips as soon as you realize what you’ve done. With some help from Cundari, auto body shop chain Fix Auto is showing that, from this point forward, its name should take that place… at the very least, when your kids are listening.


Brand: Fix Auto Canada
Client: Carl Brabander
Agency: Cundari
Creative Director: Sébastien Tessier
Creative team: Dominique Bulmer, Jérôme Bajulaz, Andrew McKenzie, Bernice Lo
Counselling: Jean-François Mallette, Marie-Zélie Sainz, Madjid Hamidi
Production agency: Simon Durivage, Julie Charlebois
Production: Les enfants
Making: Jonathan Bensimon
Post-production: Vision Globale
Sound: Sonart