Every second, two people hit play on the same track at the same time.

serendipityWe’ve had moments, and perhaps you have too, where we wonder to ourselves how many people are watching a particular movie or reading an article at the same time as us. Another man (perhaps not at the exact same time) thought the very same thing, but he imagined music as the common denominator. Kyle McDonald, a media artist in residence at Spotify, created “Serendipity” — a website that pulls data from the music streaming service to find two people, anywhere in the world, that began playing the same song at the exact same second on a particular day. For example, two people in two U.S. states pushed play on a Maroon 5 song at the same time, as did a couple people in Europe when they began listening to “Little Talks” by Monsters & Men. Just as the internet makes us feel less connected to others, a new web tool like Serendipity is created, and the world feels more connected than even before.